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Seems like old habits never die, and my old and worst habit is having accounts on online communities.
Right now, it's an actually old habit, since I haven't been part of any online thing for a while. Last one was a writing board on the long gone 2007, but the page died on 2010. We had some sweet drama, but that's a story I won't tell today.
That's a time most of Dreamwidth users were too busy with livejournal, and that's a phase I'd love to have had. I went straight from my dear writing board to Facebook, and Tumblr makes me feel like I've missed something.
So yeah, here I am starting a journal that could totally be a personal blog. Actually, seeing how many people use this kind of thing, I might use it as a personal blog, among fandom and such. Speaking of which, I hope I can find my place on my favorite fandoms, since I've been so out of them lately. I just hope I don't become the person who arrives too late to the party, so everyone is chatting with someone else and the person I came with is making out with some random buff dude.
Anyway, I'm kind of excited about this. I really hope I keep this journal updated. I'm going to keep it open for a while, and see how things develop.
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