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I always used to keep a list with all the books I had read in a year. Earlier it was on internet boards with some friends and the one who read the most would win (?). The winner was always this girl who read really fast and also read a lot of manga. When I lost contact with most of them I stopped doing the reading list, but when I found about Goodreads I decided to start again (time gap: about a year). 
This January I started one of those Goodreads reading challenge. My goal was 50 books - but I'm cheating. I've been reading many comic books lately, but keeping the count with single issues (instead of big albums as it should be done). I keep telling myself that I will change it when I surpass my goal, but let's be real: I won't do it. Still, here's my reading list for this 2015. 

  1. Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov.
  2. Slaughterhouse 5, Kurt Vonnegut
  3. The Catcher in the Rye, J. D. Salinger
  4. The Slow Regard of Silent Things, Patrick Rothfuss
  5. Breakfast at Tiffanys and other tales, Truman Capote
  6. The SCUM Manifesto, Valerie Solanas
  7. Cat's Craddle, Kurt Vonnegut
  8. A journalist's five senses, Ryszard Kapuscinski
  9. A room of one's own, Virginia Woolf
  1. Bitch Planet, Kelly Sue Deconnick and Valentino de Landro. Issues 1, 2, 3, 4
  2. Vapor, Max
  3. Lumberjanes, Noelle Stevenson. Issues 1, 2, 3, 4
  4. Sex Criminals, Mark Fraction and . Isues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  5. Los cuentos de la Era de Cobra 2: Revolución, Enrique Fernández.
  6. Paying for it, Chester Brown.
  7. Playlove: Where the streets have no name, Miguel Ángel Martín 
  8. Nijigahara Holograph, Inio Asano
  9. Mad Max Fury Road: Furiosa #1, George Miller
  10. Ghost World, Daniel Clowes
  11. Pretty Deadly, Kelly Sue Deconnick and Emma Ríos. Issues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  12. Ink for Beginners - A comic book guide to getting tattooed. Kate Leth.
  13. Giant Days. Issues, John Allison. Issues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  14. Drinking at the movies, Julia Wertz
  15. Gotta Have 'em: portraits of women. Robert Crumb.
  16. Robert Crumb's anthology. Issue 13
To me this list is kind of depressing, right? I should read more books than comic books (not saying comic books aren't cool). That might be my new year goal. 

As for this list, I hope I'll keep it updated until December 31st, and then I might even write something about my (extremely slow) reading process. Nope, I won't link my Goodreads profile. 

Round 2

Nov. 21st, 2015 05:59 pm
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 As it was to be expected, I forgot about this page. I feel really bad because I was having some nice conversations with what seemed to be great people, I hope I didn't really annoy them. 

Good news are some things have happened to me, so now I find myself being able to write about stuff. Not Doctor Who, tho, because I haven't been able to force myself to catch up with it :/ I might upload a 2015 reading list and some other things. 
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Yeah, I know it's a bit late for a New Year post, but hey, whatever. I could say I've been busy, but actually I haven't done what i was supposed to do (i.e. studying) so I'll admit that I've been:
  • Knitting (expect progress posts of my infinity scarf)
  • Reading (expect reviews)
  • Watching doctor who (expect recaps. Spoiler: I don't like the Moffat era, so beware). 
  • Watching Adventure Time (I want to catch up with this one)

So that's pretty mucho has been my Christmas break (which won't end until January 9th, but it's close enough to be afraid of finals). And as it's customary: I'M NOT DEAD. 

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So I'm trying to catch up with Doctor Who, and this episode gave me a hard time. Not because of the Doctor dying, or Clara (which were awful, too), but when the Doctor said goodbye to River. Just... I understand why the Doctor doesn't like endings: because they are plain awful. I'll just become the Doctor on that matter, and never actually finish things because I don't like endings.
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My hair, that was about my hair

Some history and short hair reflexion under the cut )
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Seems like old habits never die, and my old and worst habit is having accounts on online communities.
Right now, it's an actually old habit, since I haven't been part of any online thing for a while. Last one was a writing board on the long gone 2007, but the page died on 2010. We had some sweet drama, but that's a story I won't tell today.
That's a time most of Dreamwidth users were too busy with livejournal, and that's a phase I'd love to have had. I went straight from my dear writing board to Facebook, and Tumblr makes me feel like I've missed something.
So yeah, here I am starting a journal that could totally be a personal blog. Actually, seeing how many people use this kind of thing, I might use it as a personal blog, among fandom and such. Speaking of which, I hope I can find my place on my favorite fandoms, since I've been so out of them lately. I just hope I don't become the person who arrives too late to the party, so everyone is chatting with someone else and the person I came with is making out with some random buff dude.
Anyway, I'm kind of excited about this. I really hope I keep this journal updated. I'm going to keep it open for a while, and see how things develop.
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